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What can I catch?

Summer Species

  • Porbeagle and Blue Sharks to 300lb
  • Bass to 10lb
  • Pollack to 17lb on wrecks
  • Tope in excess of 40lb
  • Black Bream to 5lb
  • Plaice to 3lb
  • Smooth hound to 25lb
  • Rays to 25lb
  • Turbot to 5lb
  • Wrasse to 7lb
  • Conger to 50lb
  • Codling

Plus many more! Up to 100 Bass caught per trip sizes 2lb to 7lb.
22 species caught from 1 mark including Trigger Fish, Red Mullet etc.

Winter Species

  • Cod to 32lb
  • Whiting to 4lb
  • Rays to 25lb
  • Conger to 50lb
  • Rays
  • Spurdog

Bass Fishing

  • The Gower coastline offers some of the most prolific bass fishing in the UK.
  • Marks can be reached in a minimum of time allowing more fishing time.
  • Venues include sandbanks up to 30 miles away.
  • May to October, Spring Tides best
  • Drift fishing live sand eels or live mackerel over sandbanks, artificial shads second best if no eels available.
  • Inshore wreck fishing can produce larger specimens.
  • Reef fishing also with live sand eels. Usually longer drifts than the sandbanks, braid not essential.
  • Short rods 6ft 6ins to 7ft 6ins, 6lb to 12lb class with ABU 6000 sized reels.
  • Use 15 – 20lb braid on deep water sandbanks marks.
  • Running ledger trace with 12ft length is best.
  • Size 2 hooks with sandeels and size 5/0 with live mackerel.
  • Bomb type weights 1 oz to 8oz.

Cod Fishing

  • November to March Tides over 38ft best
  • Fishing at anchor over a variety of ground including rock reefs and mud.
  • Best bait is lugworm preferably Blacks. Squid, Razor Fish and Clam can be used to tip the bait.
  • Large specimens can be caught on live Whiting or Pouting.
  • Whiting caught with the cod can reach 3lb.
  • Uptide rods are ideal.
  • Reels of the ABU 7000 type loaded with 25lb main line.
  • Running ledger trace 30lb Amnesia with Pennel rig of 4/0 and 5/0 hook size.
  • Gemini breakaway weights 4 – 10oz.

Wreck Fishing

  • June to October Tides, 30ft – 34ft best.
  • Drift fishing with live Sand Eels for Pollack to 17lb. Red Gills or Shads also work when Sand Eels unavailable.
  • Fishing at Anchor for Conger to 60lb. Also at anchor, Pollack can also be caught along with Tope, Porbeagle, Shark and the odd Ling.
  • Fresh Mackerel best at anchor.
  • Rod can be 30lb class downtider or a 20lb class uptider.
  • Reels can be Shimano Calcutta or Penn International. Loaded with 30lb line.
  • Braid can be used by experienced anglers, care must be taken when the wreck is snagged.
  • Running ledger best with a six foot trace fished with fresh mackerel. A steel trace or heavy 150lb Mono is essential for tope and conger eel.Use conger hooks 8/0 (take the barb off if fishing for tope.)
  • Weights dependant on tide (4oz to 20oz)

Bream Fishing

  • Black Bream fishing is an enjoyable break from Bass fishing on the drift.
  • All Bream are caught at anchor over a rock reefs.
  • Fish vary from 1/2lb through to 4lb with odd specimens to 5lb caught.
  • Bream are also joined on the reef by a multitude of species including Bass, Red Mullet, Codling, Smooth Hound, Pollack and Trigger fish etc.
  • Best time slack water.
  • This allows the use of light sporting tackle. Spinning rods 6lb class ideal. With Abu 5000 sized reels. Loaded with 10lb – 15 lb mainline.
  • Traces can be 3 hook paternoster or a running ledger with a short hook length.
  • Use size 1 fine wire hooks baited with Lugworm. Thin strips of Squid can be effective.

General Fishing

As well as the above during the spring Summer and Autumn other fishing trips can be combined with Bass or Bream fishing, including:-

  • Tope fishing
  • Plaice fishing
  • Smooth Hound fishing
  • Ray and Turbot fishing
  • Shark fishing
  • Wrasse fishing

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